The value of financial advice is one of the most researched areas in financial services, and each time the findings are clear.

Financial advice makes a big difference to the financial and emotional wellbeing of advised clients.

“90% of advised clients say that accessing financial advice has left them in a better position financially.” [1]

“89% of advised clients say it also provides them with improved mental health, less worry and stress. And better relationships with family and friends.” [2]

“A good advisor can add to (or save you from losing) 3% of your wealth per annum after fees and taxes.” [3]

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We’ll make sure they are.

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Foot notes
[1] The True Value of Advice Research Paper IOOF August 2020.
This was one of the largest research projects of its kind undertaken in Australia. Core Data surveyed 12,643 advised clients and non-advised individuals.
[2] The True Value of Advice Research Paper IOOF August 2020.
[3] Research for Vanguard / Envest by PMC Quantitative Research Group.

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