At Politis Investment Strategies we do not follow investment fads. When deciding where to invest we focus on the business fundamentals that matter.

It ensures the investments deliver to your goals, in line with your investment profile.

The key to success is asset allocation.

If you have existing investments we examine them thoroughly, then advise in your best interests. That might mean adjustments to the product mix, or identifying opportunities to improve your tax position.

At other times we may focus on non-investment strategies to improve your position.

Other clients are attracted to our Managed Discretionary Accounts. They offer a simple, effective, and transparent investment service tailored to individual goals and priorities.

Managed Discretionary Accounts

One of the major investment services we offer are Managed Discretionary Accounts (MDAs). They allow the investment manager to buy and sell assets on your behalf to achieve the returns you want, in accordance with the agreed strategy.

The Advantages of an MDA

  • Tailored to you – the whole focus of your advice is to help you achieve your goals. MDAs enable us to deliver a customised solution, in line with your investment profile.
  • Transparency – you can see the assets you own and how they are performing. You can see all the associated costs and fees in managing the investments.
  • Speed – it gives the Investment Committee the flexibility to respond to opportunities, or manage risks, instantly. This can make a significant difference to the performance of your fund.
  • Direct access – to the people making the investment decisions. So, if you have any questions just call and talk to the people looking after your money.
  • Tax – you own the assets in your portfolio so that any franking or imputation credits flow directly to you. This usually has a positive impact on your tax position.

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