We deliver the best outcomes for those people committed to achieving their financial planning goals. People who are happy to work with their advisers.

Your best interest is at the heart of all we do.

At Politis Investment Strategies, we apply our experience and expertise to ensure you achieve the outcomes you want.

Our service makes you feel cared for.

Over 45s

You and your partner have worked hard over the past fifteen to twenty years to pay down the mortgage, raise your children, and cover the bills that come with that. At the same time, you have been busy with your careers.

You’re through that now. It’s time to take stock.

To get clear on your goals and the life you want to live in your later years. To create the financial plans that will give you the options and flexibility you want.

And the peace of mind that it will all be OK.

Over 55s

You are in the last working decade of your life. It's important and you have to make it count. One wrong move will be hard to recover from.

Retirement is looming and you want to enjoy your golden years and have enough money to live the life you deserve.

Now more than ever your financial plans are critical to that.

  • Are your assets properly structured so that they deliver an attractive risk-adjusted return?
  • Are they as tax effective as they could be?
  • Could your financial plans survive a market drop? Do you have enough in reserve, so that you don’t have sell your investments at cut-throat prices?

We devise the financial strategy that ensures you have the money you want to enjoy retirement. That you will be OK.

We then review and monitor your personal circumstances regularly. We take account of any changes, make any adjustments required, and keep you on track to happy days.


As you get older you value spending your precious time on the important things in life: friends, family, and personal fulfilment.

It's easier to delegate the management of your financial assets to experts.

At Politis Investment Strategies we are trusted to manage the personal finances of thousands of Australians. 

Always guided by your best interest, we take a conservative approach to investments. So, while you earn attractive returns, we place a strong emphasis on protecting your capital.

We also make sure you receive all your entitlements from Centrelink.

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